The School Day

School doors open at 8:45 am and close at 8:55 am. We would ask that parents and children wait on the playground at the start of the day. The children will be met and brought in from the playground.

The morning session starts at 8:55 am and teachers close the registers at 9:00 am.

Any child arriving after 8:55 am needs to enter by the front door and parents/carers need to sign the child into school giving an absence reason.

Children arriving between 8:55 am and 9:00 am are given a late (L) mark.  Once the registers close at 9:00 am children arriving late will be given an unauthorised (U) mark.

For pupils who accrue unauthorised (U) marks there is also the possibility for a penalty notice warning to be issued which may result in a fine.

School ends 3:15 pm. Parents are asked to wait on the playground and children will be dismissed by the class teacher.

The total hours provided in a typical week is 32 hours.