Friends of Pocklington Infants

What is the Friends of Pocklington Infant School?

We are a charity made up of friendly volunteers both elected and regular members who plan and run events to raise much needed money for the school.  

We hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) early in the Autumn Term every year to agree how the money should be spent to the best benefit of the pupils.  Several times throughout the year we meet to progress event planning, review new ideas and agree on expenditure.  As a regulated charity, all meeting minutes and accounts are available.  Everyone is welcome to join and our meetings are open to all.  Our registered charity number is: 1056746.

Joining the Friends is a great way to meet other parents, have fun, raise funds for the school and find out more about what is happening at the school.  You do not have to attend every event – an hour or two once or twice a year can really make a big difference.  We will not push you to commit more than you are able.  Contributions of ideas or donations of raffle prizes are as welcome as an hour’s supervision at an event.

How have the funds raised been used in the past?

All money raised at our Friends events is used to benefit the pupils at Pocklington Infant School.  In the last 12 months the Friends have purchased:

Maths books for each year group to support and enhance delivery of the Maths curriculum.  

Please see the flower poster for more information about funds raised and how this money has been used to support the school.  

Without the support of the Friends these improvements would not happen as government funding is insufficient.  

What events do we run throughout the year?

During the 2022-23 academic year we ran the following events:

IQ Christmas cards – children design their own card which can then be purchased and shared with family and friends

Christmas raffle

Christmas production refreshments

Second hand uniform sales

Book sales

Sports Day Refreshments

Ice lolly sales

All our events are advertised on our Facebook page and the school sends out notifications on Weduc. 

Details of money raised is also shared via our Facebook page and by the school on Weduc.  

How else have we supported the school in the last 12 months?

In addition to running events to raise funds for the school, we have supported the school with their charity fundraising by:

Helping to run a Macmillan coffee afternoon to support the school in raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Support

Selling poppies outside the front of the school to raise funds for the Royal British Legion

We have also successfully applied for grants to raise funds for the school.  For example, during the 2022-23 school year we successfully applied for a grant to support children’s learning about multiculturalism.  The Friends was awarded £10,000.  The school is using this funding to buy resources and workshops to support the teaching of different faiths and cultures.  

How can I get involved?

If you would like to join us or would like to find out more, please contact us:

Via our Facebook page:  @friendsofpocklingtoninfants, 

In person: look out for members at our events or in the playground,  

Through our email address:

Or by attending our AGM on Tuesday 17th October at 2pm.  

The Friends is entirely run by volunteers.  Whether you can help to run a stall at a school fete, wrap presents, make sweet bags, attend a meeting, or join us as an active team member – all help is greatly appreciated.  Many hands make light work!

Matched Giving

Some employers operate schemes called ‘Matched Giving’ whereby your company matches the amount of your donation or the amount you raise through volunteering.  For example, a parent who works for a company that offers matched funding, volunteers to help on the refreshment stall at the Christmas Fayre.  The profit made by the stall is £200. The parent’s employer will then ‘match’ this amount by donating a further £200 to the Friends assuming they offer a pound for pound match.  This is a fantastic benefit as the Friends can receive up to double the amount raised.  A sample of some of the companies offering matched funding are:

Asda, Barclays Bank, British Gas, B&Q, Co-operative, HSBC, J Sainsbury, Lloyds Bank, Natwest, Tesco Plc., WHSmith, 


You can help us to raise valuable funds for the school with your everyday shopping.  To find out more or to sign up click on the link:

School Lottery

Did you know that we have a school lottery?  You can sign up to our lottery for just £1 per week and you could win £25000.  Every £1 ticket raises at least 40p for the school. There is at least one winner per school per week.  To find out more and to join the lottery go to:

Your School Lottery is administered by Gatherwell, a registered External Lottery Manager certified by the Gambling Commission. Gambling Commission Account No:36893