Visits & Visitors

We believe that learning outside of the classroom is an important part of your child’s educational experience.  We link our educational visits to our curriculum. We take great care of our children when we go out of school. Parents are fully informed of the visits and are asked to sign a consent form for local visits, and for visits involving coach travel give consent via ParentPay.

2023-24 visits and visitors

This year we have planned visits to Burnby Hall, the Post Office, York Minster, Hull Synagogue, Hull Mosque, Welton Waters and the Arboretum. We have visitors coming to teach us about Diwali, Sukkot, Hannukah, Passover, Chinese New Year, and Konnakol drumming. We will also have a visit from Purple Pig Farm. Year 1 will have a virtual Synagogue visit. We are also hoping to arrange a Poet visit and some Artist workshops.

2022-23 visits

Year 2 visit’s to York Minster was cancelled as we had insufficient voluntary contributions / parental permissions to go ahead.

Year 2 went to the Pearson Street Mosque, Hull. 

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 went to Burnby Hall Gardens

Year 2 went to Pocklington Methodist Church

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 went to Three Hagges Woodmeadow

Nursery have visited the post office

Year 2 went to Welton Waters for a teambuilding and water adventure day.

Donations for school visits and visitors

All our work is based around themes and as part of the work we may have an educational visit or visitor.  We will then ask you for a voluntary contribution towards the cost.  If we have insufficient funds to cover the cost the visit/visitor may have to be cancelled.  We endeavour to keep the cost of visits as low as possible.