To support pupils personal development and to enable the children to develop and discover their interests and talents beyond the academic we offer a range of lunchtime and after school clubs.  Our offer changes each term.  Some of our clubs are run by staff members, others are through third party providers.  With the exception of Starbrite Dance Club and French Club, you can book your child into a club via ParentPay.  Some clubs do have a charge whilst others are free of charge. If your child is eligible for Pupil Premium funding your child is eligible to one free club place a term, please contact the office for more information.

In 2023-24 Summer Term we are offering: Dance Club, French Club, several sports clubs, several Art/Craft clubs, Bike Club, Lego Club, Coding club, Forest school club.

In 2023-24 Spring Term we are offering: Dance Club, French Club, several Art/Craft clubs, Newspaper Club, Recorder Club, Lego Club, Curling and Football.

In 2023-24 Autumn Term we offered: Dance Club, French Club, Art Club, Newspaper Club, Music Club, Lego Club, Forest School Club, Tag Rugby and Hockey.

In 2022-23 Summer Term we offered: Dance Club, French Club, Art Club, Newspaper Club, Choir Club, Lego Club and Balance Bike Club.

Art Club KS1

Bike Club Pupil Voice

Buddy- “biking is the best bit”

Arni- “I don’t like to go fast but Mrs King slows it down and I like it when we go slower.”

Edward- “I like riding the bikes.”

Jaxson- “I like playing the island game.”

Belle- “I just like it.”

Elsie- “I don’t like wobbling but I like going faster.”

Parent Feedback

She has really enjoyed this club and would love to continue it into year 2

She has thoroughly enjoyed both of these clubs – thank you so much for giving her these opportunities! It’s been great to see her confidence come on in both French and Starbrite, I would say the clubs have really benefitted her personal development.

He has loved the bike club, he has enjoyed the games they play, often mentioning having to balance across the lava! He is always excited to go each week. Thank you

She has thoroughly enjoyed the newspaper/press club dinner time activities she always comes home engaged and full of questions. The work which was done in art club was fantastic you can really tell a lot of effort went into the work and the results really show in the work sent home. Isla asked to attend Lego club, hasn’t really talked about it at home, so no feedback to give

She loved them all!

My child has really enjoyed bike club and it has really improved his confidence with his bike at home. My child said he really enjoyed all the games he played, including follow the leader and the lava game.

She enjoys the clubs. It would be nice to see what they are doing in them.

She has loved after school dance i hope we can continue this after the summer

It’s a lovely opportunity to get to dance with Startbrite at the school, and she’s thoroughly enjoyed it! I hope she’ll have the chance again from September.

Starbrite has been amazing, He has loved it. French has been a bit hit and Miss I think he has struggled with it being a more academic club on a lunch time with not having a chance to get his energy out. I wouldn’t sign him up for another lunch time club based on this unless it was an active one.

He loves it.


Excellent, well run club. He has really enjoyed his sessions and talks about it with enthusiasm.

He has absolutely loved the craft club, & said he hopes it is on again in year 2! He said it’s the best club ever! Unfortunately, 2 other events have/ will fall on a Friday so he will miss 2 sessions due to this ( parents popped in last Friday & then sports day)

She has really enjoyed taking part in the dance class. It has been good for her to socialise with other Year groups and get to know other students.

She has really enjoyed it and has had lots of fun

So far He has really enjoyed the arts and crafts club. He tried some sports in the past but this one really caught his attention. Not seen what he’s been doing yet but he talks about it when he gets home which is a clear sign he enjoys it. I hope it continues.

Both have been really well received and enjoyed. Ideally, it would be better if the starbrite one was a full hour as the finish time conflicts with after school finish at juniors, but can appreciate that may not be possible and we have managed this term ok.

I think he has really enjoyed and benefited from French Club. …He has been readily sharing the French vocab and songs that he has learnt and is developing an interest in French culture, asking about foods that are eaten in France and how far away it is and so on.