Medical information

The school has a number of members of staff trained in Paediatric and General First Aid and, where appropriate, staff are trained in managing the medication and other treatments of pupils with medical conditions.

We prefer not to have medicines in school.  However, if your child needs to take medicine either please make arrangements for an adult to come into school and administer it.  Or school staff can administer prescribed medicine provided an authorisation form has been completed.  These forms are available from the school office.  We are not allowed to administer non-prescribed medication.  Children’s medical conditions are recorded on the register.  If appropriate, please ask for a form so that we can make the necessary arrangements for your child.


The school works closely with the East Riding Asthma nurse and follows the Asthma protocols provided. If your child has an unusual asthma protocol we will ask for details to be confirmed in writing by a medical professional. Children’s inhalers are readily available for them to use.  

Healthcare plan – to be filled out for any medical condition that the school needs to be aware of if it could potentially require medical attention during the school day.


East Riding Health Visitors and School Nurses (ISPHNS) Facebook Page 
The purpose of the Facebook page is to provide children, young people and families with reliable and accessible health information. The page contains important information for parents of young infants and is also aimed at children and young people. 


Children inevitably have minor bumps and scrapes during playtimes, which are easily dealt with. If your child has an injury at school that staff feel needs monitoring you will receive a blue letter.

If your child has a head bump we will provide treatment, phone parent/ carer, send home a red letter and your child will be given a red head bump wrist band. 

If your child has a head injury we will phone 999 and phone parent/carer.