Meet our Governors


I have lived in Pocklington since 2015 and work locally as an Assistant Headteacher at a secondary school. The Masters in Senior Leadership I recently completed is what led me to become interested in supporting the Governing Body at Pocklington Infants and since I joined as Chair of Governors in September 2022 it has been wonderful to see how this school community works together to provide the best experiences for our young people. My daughter is currently in Year 1 so I have been able to see the school principle of ‘happy children, loving learning’ first-hand and look forward to continuing to work with and support all colleagues at Pocklington Infants. 


I moved to Pocklington in October 2021 with my husband, Simon, and our daughter, Ruby.  We have had a family connection to the area for over 25 years and in particular with All Saints Church in which Ruby was christened in 2017.  I am a solicitor by profession and currently work as a performance manager.  I have responsibility for ensuring compliance with the rules of our regulatory bodies whilst providing a high level of service to our clients.  I also work closely with our HR and accounts department.  Ruby loves school and is in Year 2, her education and development are of the utmost importance to me.  I have volunteered to help in school whenever the opportunity has arisen, but I am keen to play a more active part in helping to create an environment in which our children can thrive and reach their full potential.  I feel that my professional skills and experience together with my commitment to the school and its values will make me an excellent parent governor.


My son David is in Year 2.  I qualified as a Primary School teacher in 2003 and until moving to Pocklington from Essex in January 2022 worked in Primary education in a variety of roles including over ten years experience of working as a member of the Senior Leadership Team as a Deputy Headteacher, Assistant Headteacher, SENDCo and class teacher.  I have experience of teaching and working with children of all ages across the Primary phase.  I also held the position of staff governor for several years at a Primary School in Essex.  Since joining the community I have become an active member of the Friends of Pocklington Infant School (PTA) and hope to be able to contribute and support the school and community further as a parent governor.  


I am currently a Teacher of Classics at Pocklington School. I have been in post since 2017 and along the way have developed a portfolio of experience in additional roles such as Housemaster and Academic Extension Coordinator. In November 2021, I completed a part-time MA in Education with proficiency in Education Leadership which has given me valuable insight into the vision of Pocklington Infants alongside my professional experiences. This course of study focused on understanding the organisation and leadership of education institutions in their contexts with reference to international and national policy; writing in the time of Covid-19’s continued impact on education, I have found my research crucial in navigating the current international situation with confidence and foresight.  It is paramount that children receive the best possible start to their education as it can develop a lifelong love of learning it will continue to benefit them throughout the years. It is clear to me that this ideology is vital to Pocklington Infants and I hope to offer insight and guidance to the school where I am able to.


My family and I moved to the area, permanently in 2009, to provide continuity of education for our children, as my husband had been in the army and I had been the daughter of a soldier, going to several schools, as a result, I am passionate about education and providing the best support and resources possible for our young. I am a Licensed Lay Minister in the Pocklington group of churches, and a part of the Open the Book team, taking bible stories into six primary schools in the local area, prior to the pandemic, I would come into Pocklington Infants, once a week, to listen to Year 2 children reading. I also volunteer at Young People Count, on Railway Street, once a week, having raised two children, I miss having young people around and am thriving, being someone to listen to their problems and offering solutions, if they’re asked for. In my previous career, I was an Executive Assistant. I later worked at British Rail setting up a nationwide telecommunication safety network, post the Clapham Disaster. When my husband was posted to Australia, I gave up work to have a family, once the children were both at school, I became a Lunchtime Supervisor and Teaching Assistant, providing occasional admin support in the office of the children’s school in London, before we returned to East Yorkshire in 2009, when I became a TA and Lunchtime Supervisor at Warter CE Primary School.


My family and I moved to Pocklington in September 2020, when I became vicar of the Pocklington Group of Churches, which includes All Saints’ Church in the town centre, and a number of churches in the surrounding villages. I grew up in and around Toronto, Canada, and spent a few years living in America before moving to the UK in 2011. Prior to moving to Pocklington, we lived in Selby, Durham, and Hull. The Church of England has long had a deep commitment to education, and it is a privilege as vicar to be able to share in that heritage here in Pocklington, building on the links between the church and the school, and supporting children both in their learning and in their spiritual well-being.


Amy has been a teacher at Pocklington Infants initially helping to set up our Nursery class and she now teaches in Reception.  Amy has previous experience as a parent governor at her children’s school.

Governor Roles in Other Educational Institutions

Several of our Governors have roles in other local schools:

Adam Copley works at Pocklington School

Helen Savory works at South Hunsley School

Register of Governor Interest Guidance

Governors must declare any relevant business interests as well as the details of any other educational establishments they govern.  The register must also set out any relationships between governors and members of the schools’ staff including spouses, partners and relatives.  It is important to address any perception of a conflict of interests by making clear where such potential personal or pecuniary interests might apply; this might be a conflict between personal interests and the interests of the school or the Council when dealing with outside organisations or individuals.

Note 1.    Pecuniary interest includes current employment, businesses (of which partner/proprietor), company directorship, charity trusteeship and other conflict.

Note 2.    Personal Interests can also include business involvement/company directorship or trusteeships or family or close connections to the governor (for example a company the school might have contracts with).

Examples (potential conflicts):

  • A governor whose spouse/partner is employed by the school: Should not take part in discussions regarding the school’s pay policy or any staffing matter that might impact their partner.  Both direct and indirect decisions might impact the salary range of senior staff e.g. increasing pupil numbers.
  • A governor involved with any committee group, business or after-school club who hires part of the school: Should not be a party to discussion involving the use of the school or their charging policy.
  • A governor who is a supplier of goods or services to the school: Should not take part in decisions regarding the letting of contracts for that type of goods or services where a sub-contract relationship might exist.

The register of governor interests must also include details of attendance records at the governing body meetings and committees over the year and reviewed and updated on an annual basis indicating also when a governor steps down.

Associate governors must be included on the register and it should be clear when they have voting rights.