Mathematics at Pocklington Church of England VC Infant School will foster a deep understanding of Mathematical concepts and develop a love for the subject, setting a strong foundation for future learning. The curriculum is ambitious, well-sequenced and designed to ensure that all pupils, regardless of their background, can master and apply mathematical skills and concepts fluently. There is a clear focus on developing mathematical language, reasoning, problem-solving skills and a strong sense of mathematical curiosity. We  give children the freedom to respond to challenges in their own way, in order to develop their individual initiative, perseverance and understand that trying something outside of their comfort zone allows them to grow. 

Our Mathematics curriculum is built upon the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage and seamlessly transitions into Key Stage 1, enabling pupils to build upon prior knowledge and skills. Our curriculum encompasses the three main areas of mathematics: fluency, reasoning and problem solving. We intend to: inspire and challenge pupils; promote a positive attitude towards mathematics; to foster strong partnerships between staff, parents and the wider community to support pupils’ mathematical development. Through this approach we will give children real world context to their learning, enabling them to appreciate and understand how Maths is woven into our every day lives.

Our Maths scheme of work enables pupils to meet the end of phase attainment targets in the EYFS Framework and the National curriculum.

The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics.” Paul Halmos

At Pocklington Church of England VC Infant School, we ensure high-quality teaching through a well-planned and sequenced mathematics curriculum that covers all areas outlined by the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and the National Curriculum. Our daily lessons are structured to support the progressive development of mathematical skills, knowledge, and understanding. 

In Nursery we use Mastering the Curriculum. This has been chosen as it supports children to develop the necessary knowledge and skills, which are prerequisites to the Reception curriculum. In Reception and KS1 we use Mastering Number and White Rose Maths.

We provide our teachers and classroom support staff with ongoing professional development opportunities to enhance their subject knowledge and pedagogical expertise. We adopt a mastery approach in teaching Mathematics, enabling all pupils to achieve a deep and secure understanding of the subject. This approach ensures that learning is built on solid foundations, and pupils are given ample opportunities to reason, problem-solve, and communicate mathematically. We use concrete manipulatives and visual representations to support conceptual understanding before moving onto abstract methods.We recognise that every child has unique learning needs, and we strive to differentiate our teaching to cater to these needs effectively. Our teachers use a range of teaching strategies and resources that cater to different learning styles, abilities, and interests. We provide additional challenge and support for our pupils through targeted interventions and one-to-one support as needed. 

Collaborative learning plays a crucial role in our Maths lessons, promoting discussion and the exchange of ideas among our pupils. We create opportunities for pupils to work together, explain their thinking, and listen to others’ viewpoints. Talk for learning is encouraged, as it enables pupils to articulate their understanding and deepen their mathematical knowledge through dialogue.

We ensure that mathematical concepts are taught within meaningful contexts that relate to real-life experiences, fostering pupils’ understanding and appreciation for Maths beyond the classroom. Problem-solving is an integral part of our curriculum, allowing pupils to apply their skills to a range of contexts, developing resilience, logical reasoning, and critical thinking abilities.

Maths is a subject we want children to feel confident in, excited about and captivated in. We are working to embed mastery of maths seamlessly throughout our school so that children become proficient and fluent in all number skills. They can then problem solve, reason in a range of contexts and apply their maths skills both in and beyond school life. We are developing a mastery curriculum in Maths here at Pocklington Infant School by providing all children with concrete, pictorial and abstract methods to enable them to solve problems, understand operations and inspire a love of learning in mathematics.  

Key Features of our curriculum

Our curriculum is continually developing to establish a secure mastery of mathematics understanding throughout the school from both staff and pupils. Using the National Curriculum as a foundation on which we are building upon to create a mastery mathematics curriculum, we aim to evoke a love of mathematics by all who come to Pocklignton C.E Infant School.

  • High expectations of staff and pupils
  • Focus on mathematical thinking and language
  • Depth above breadth
  • Resources to support concrete – pictorial – abstract learning.
  • Understanding of calculations – mastering methods.


  • Children are happy and love learning through mathematics
  • Children are confident in their number ability
  • Children can masterfully use and apply methods learnt in a range of contexts
  • Maths becomes fluent from Nursery through to KS1
  • Maths is embedded into all areas of school life
  • Maths is enjoyed and celebrated throughout school by teachers, pupils and parents

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