Computing at Pocklington Church of England VC Infant School intends to develop children’s understanding in each of the three strands of the curriculum (digital literacy, computer science and information technology) alongside developing their knowledge of e-safety to become responsible digital citizens in the community. We give children the opportunity to ‘tinker’ with technology responsibly, so that they can develop their independent learning skills to begin pursuing their interests. We aim to grow responsible digital citizens who recognise and understand how appropriate online behaviour impacts the wider community. A range of technology, online information and devices are used to support learning so that children have the opportunity to make sensible decisions that build a healthy use of technology. Children will leave us with a range of transferable skills that can help them to enhance their future learning and eventually become successful in the wider community and future workplaces.

Our Computing scheme of work enables pupils to meet the end of key stage attainment targets in the National curriculum and the EYFS Framework.

We are in the process of updating this page with our current curriculum long term plan and knowledge and skills organiser.

Everybody should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.” – Steve Jobs

At Pocklington Church of England VC Infant School, in the Early Years Foundation Stage Computing is taught to prepare children for the KS1 curriculum. The children have regular opportunities to use and access technology in a safe and positive way that will enable them to begin the journey to become responsible digital citizens. Some units in EYFS will be taught using the Kapow curriculum, through adult-led opportunities as well as enhancements to provision.

In KS1, Computing is taught in line with the Kapow Computing scheme to ensure that children have a solid understanding of the three strands of computing; Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy. We use a range of software programs, applications, unplugged activities and physical devices to broaden and bolster the well rounded computing experiences for all children. All three of the computing curriculum strands will be taught through digital and hands-on activities to ensure that children have a deep understanding of their yearly progression of knowledge and skills throughout EYFS and KS1. Children are encouraged to experiment and practice their skills in scaffolded and independent provision time, with a range of well resourced areas that enhance their understanding through exploration.

Consideration is given to how greater depth will be taught, learnt and demonstrated within each lesson, as well as how learners will be supported in line with the school’s commitment to inclusion.

Staff have strong subject knowledge, which enables them to deliver a highly effective and robust computing curriculum. Staff are supported with ongoing coaching and CPD. This means that staff feel supported to deliver lessons of a high standard that ensure pupil progression. Computing is in blocks or on a weekly basis depending on the year group. We have regular coverage of online safety with modules in our PSHE curriculum, Heartsmart lessons, assemblies, Online Safety Day, and e-safety modules in our computing curriculum.  

Our pupils thoroughly enjoy the extra-curricular clubs we run related to Computing. We have a Coding club and a Press club which give children further opportunities to hone their skills.

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