British Values

We actively promote British Values in school to ensure pupils leave our school prepared for life in modern Britain. Pupils are encouraged to regard people of all faiths, race and cultures with respect and tolerance and understand that different people may hold different views about what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.

How do we achieve this?

DemocracyElection of pupil leaders e.g. school council
Classroom leadership roles
Talk about people who help us
Express our views and opinions e.g. PSHE lessons, RE lessons, pupil voice
Rule of LawLearn our school values and behaviours
Follow online safety and personal safety guidelines
Visits from police to help reinforce the responsibilities we all have and the consequences of not following the rules
Exploring right and wrong, co-operation, individual and shared responsibility
Individual LibertyMaking informed choices in a safe and supportive environment with clear boundaries e.g. behaviour, rewards, online safety, NSPCC assemblies, making their own lunch choices, participation in clubs
Celebrating individualism e.g. celebration assemblies
Transition events
Children are encouraged to be autonomous, they are given ownership of their learning. Children have next steps shared with them, verbally or written feedback enables them to know what they can do to progress.
Mutual RespectWelcoming visitors to our school
Learning about friendship and how to get along
Learning about our school values, including ‘respect’
Learning about protected characterisitics
Safeguarding ourselves and others e.g. online safety
Learn about other cultures, religions and beliefs
Having the opportunity to express our own views and beliefts
Looking after our school environment
ToleranceExplore a range of cultures through RE, assemblies and educational visits
Promote diversity through our celebrations of faiths, different cultures, stories and shared experiencs
RE and PSHE lessons
Daily acts of worship and assemblies
Visits from people of different faiths, and visiting different places of worship