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Collective Worship

 Collective Worship in a Church of England VC schools, reflects the Anglican tradition and is collective (open and invitational to all faiths and none) rather than corporate (as you would have in a church where the gathering of people is of one faith).  

All children and teaching staff take part in daily Collective Worship which is planned around the school's chosen values as well as the main celebrations in the Christian calendar. However there is always flexibility to consider and reflect on current issues.   Through Collective Worship our children are beginning to understand the distinctive features of Anglican practice and the centrality of prayer in worship. Our daily Worship plays a very important part of school life.  

We begin each collective worship with a greeting and response 'The Lord is here'  'His spirit is with us' and light candles.  We close our worship with 'Go in peace to love and serve the Lord' 'In he name of Christ. Amen.'   

Prayers is an important part of our collective worship. Pupils also say prayers before lunch and at the end of the day.  Our end of School Day Prayer is ' Hands together softly so, little eyes shut tight.  Father just before we go, hear our prayer tonight.  We are all your children here, this is what we pray.  Keep us when the dark is near, and through every day. Amen'

 We use a range of resources to plan our collective worship including: A Journey Through the Bible, Roots and Fruits, Big Start Assemblies, HeartSmart.  Collective worship is either led by the headteacher or a member of the local clergy or a Community and Outreach LayWorker.  Class collective worships are led by the teachers.

 To help us with Collective Worship we welcome visits from OPEN THE BIBLE, who explore bible stories with the children and our visits from representatives of All Saints Church.  We end each term with a church service at All Saints that we invite parents and family members to attend.

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Parent Voice

I thought the service went really well today and all the children who read aloud were very impressive.

Classroom Reflection Areas

Each classroom in our school has a reflection area where pupils and staff can spend some quiet time.

Pupil Voice


In 2018 -19 groups of pupils chatted with a foundation governor to get their views on a range of topics, this is what they had to say about Collective Worship.


Tell me what happens in your worship time.

We say prayers and say Amen.  We put our hands together.

Dr. Bartram lights candles.

We listen to Dr. Bartram.

We have to be quiet.

We sing songs.

We listen to stories about Jesus and other characters.

Do you think worship is important in your school?

Yes, because Jesus and God are important.

Because Jesus was born at Christmas.

Yes because we are a Christian school so we worship God.  At junior school it is not a church school so they don’t worship God.

What do you like most about worship?

Singing songs.

I love singing.

When everyone behaves.

Think about times when you have thought at the end of collective worship – ‘that was really great’. What made it so good?

When I like the story.

Listening to Bible stories.

Staying all quiet.

When everyone behaves.

I like it when it’s in the morning.

When everyone joins in and sings together.

What is your favourite type of worship?

In church.

Whole school worship.

With Revd. Broadhurst – she’s fun and in the prayers we get to stand up and do actions.

Do you have opportunities to create and lead collective worship?

Yes – we all say Amen.

The school councillors do with Dr. Bartram.

I would like to.