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Pocklington C.E. (VC) Infant School

Religious Education

As a Voluntary Controlled School we follow the Local Authority Agreed RE Syllabus just like local Community schools.  We are required by law to teach a minimum of 36 hours a year (approximately 60 minutes per week) of RE.   During 2017-18 staff received training from the Diocese on "Understanding Christianity" and the ERYC RE adviser.

The school is inspected by law under Section 48 of the Education Act, our next SIAMS inspection is due in the 2019-20 school year.  Information on the inspection can be found by clicking here.   Our previous SIAMS inspection rated the school as Good, the inspection report can be found here.

Each class has weekly RE lessons. We also participate in RE Action days and visit places of worship.

All our classes have a reflection area in which pupils can reflect on our Christian values.

Christianity is the main religion studied in our school, however we also study Islam in EYFS and Judaism in KS1.  We compare and contrast these other world faiths with Christianity.


RE Attainment Targets 

There are two aspects to the teaching of RE.

  1. Learning about Religions (AT1)

          This includes the ability to

  • identify, name, describe and give accounts in order to build a coherent picture of each religion;
  • explain the meaning of religious language, stories and symbolism;
  • explain similarities and differences between and within, the religions.
  1. Learning from Religions (AT2)

          This includes the ability to:

  • give an informed and considered response to religious and moral issues;
  • reflect on what might be learnt from religions in the light of one’s beliefs and experience;
  • identify and respond to questions of meaning with religions


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Assessment of RE

In Foundation Stage, evidence of the children’s understanding is recorded in the pupils individual learning journeys, and in an EYFS big RE book.  The teacher uses the information to make judgements as to whether the child is making expected progress. Children are expected to achieve the Early Learning Goal for –

  • Making Relationships
  • Self-confidence and Self-awareness
  • Managing Feelings and Behaviour
  • People and Communities

In Year 1 pupils understanding is assessed using discussion, and 'work' in either a class big RE book or personal RE books.  In Year 2 pupils understanding is assessed using discussion and recording in a personal RE book. The key assessment objectives are identified in each unit of work.  The class teacher records observations on short term plans.  At the end of a unit of work the teacher  assesses each pupil against the RE attainment targets and the results are recorded on the school’s tracking system.