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Online Safety  Pokemon Go
The NSPCC and O2 have teamed up to develop a parent’s guide to Pokemon Go.
The NSPCC website gives the following advice:
Pokemon Go is a game where you collect and trade cute creatures called Pokemon (Pocket Monsters).  It is one of the first popular games to use ‘augmented reality’ – a kind of cross between real life and an online world.  The game makes it look like Pokemon appear in real life places by using GPS and camera on your phone.
Although there are a lot of positive things about the game, the NSPCC highlight the following risks that parents/carers and children/young people need to be aware of:
Meeting people you don’t know face to face. 
The game is designed to bring people together – usually strangers
There is a physical risk. 
It is easy to forget to look where you are going with this game. 
There are already stories of people being lured to places that are not safe for children
It can cost a lot of money. 
There are in-app purchases and incentives
Access to personal data. 
Pokemon Go asks for personal information such as your child’s date of birth and email address
The NSPCC’s top tips for staying safe are:
Explore together
Set some ground rules
Turn off in-app purchases
Protect your child’s personal data
For more information, visit the NSPCC website:  NSPCC – Pokemon Go Parent’s Guide