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Pocklington C.E. (VC) Infant School

Toileting and bedwetting

Many children find it difficult to toilet train and as many as 1 in 12 children aged 5-12 have continence problems.  Holding back the urge to wee or poo can make children distracted and unable to concentrate in lessons.  Reduced drinking can also lead to dehydration which can make it more difficult to focus in class and reduce energy levels.  Bed wetting can be exhausting for both children and parents, making it more difficult for children to concentrate at school.


How does the school support children being able to go to the toilet?

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Resources for parents

Eric, the Children’s Bladder and Bowel Charity provide a wide range of resources to help parents struggling with a range of continence issues including potty training, constipation and soiling, daytime bladder problems and bedwetting.

 To find out more about Eric resources for parents Click here