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How do we teach pupils to respond to conflict with another child?  We use the ‘debug’ approach

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School (Rules) Behaviours

Our school rules which this year we have rebranded as school behaviours were decided on by Year 2 pupils in 2018-19.  These behaviours are what we expect of all children and adults within our school.

Be respectful and polite to adults and children

Be kind and helpful to each other

Work together to keep school tidy and safe

Be truthful  

Be positive and persevere


For more information on our school mission, vision and values click here.

Pupil Voice

In the summer of 2019 a Governor met with groups of Year 1 and 2 pupils to get an insight into experiences at Pocklington CE (VC) infants.  Below are some of their responses.

How do you know if you have done something well in school?

We get a sticker or we go to Dr. Bartram to get an award.

We get a smiley face in our book.

The teacher writes ‘well done’ and tells you that you’ve done well.

We get a High-5.

Do you have chance to talk about things that are unfair?

We can ask a grown up if someone isn’t sharing.

Ask nicely.

Tell a teacher.

We ask the person and share instead of bothering teachers.

We can go to year 2’s to help.

How do teachers help you to think/care about yourself and to think/care about other people?

Be kind to each other.

We can tell the teachers anything.

When there is a bad argument in the playground, who do you go to, to help get it sorted out? How does this happen?

We tell the teacher.

We hug them and tell them what we think.

Tell your friends to be nice to each other and say sorry.

What do you do if something goes wrong?  How do you put it right again?

We try and walk away.

We try again.

What do you do if you have been treated unfairly? What do you do if your friend has been treated unfairly?


Look after them.

We move next to friends to help them with their work.