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Welcome to Owls Class

Welcome to Year 2

We hope you are as excited as we are to start the new term. The children have come back to school glowing and ready to learn. Thank you for taking the time to support your children during the lockdown. 

This half-term we had some feathered friends join us. We thoroughly enjoyed watching them grow and develop into chicks. 

Your child should have returned home with a letter in their book bag with their new Purple Mash login. You can use that login to access Purple Mash access Purple Mash here!

Once you have successfully entered the site you will see a 2Do section, this will be filled with tasks linking to the work we are completing in class. 

Please note that because this is an optional extra that is completed at home, your child's work will not be marked by the teacher.

This weeks' Learn It's: 7 + 7

Counting in 10s recap:

In Space 10s

Cartoon Story 10s

Counting in 5s recap:

In Space 5s

Cartoon Story 5s

Counting in 2s recap:

In Space 2s

7 + 7 (This week's Learn It's)



PE Kit

Please ensure your child has a named PE kit in school each day. Our PE days are Tuesday and Friday but we like to use the sunny weather as an excuse to be more active so ensure your PE kit is always available.

Our PE kit consists of:

1 x Navy/Black shorts

1 x White Tshirt/Polo shirt

1 x White socks

1 x Plimsols or suitable trainers.

If your child has long hair, a bobble should be provided. If your child has earrings, micropore tape should be provided.

For more information about PE in our school click here.

Each week the children will receive homework in their bookbags. This will be sent out on Friday and needs to be completed to return to school on Wednesday.

Big Maths Learn It’s

Each week the children will focus on a set of Learn It’s. These are rapid-recall facts that the children will need to know by heart. Many of the Learn It’s have their own jingle. This is a short song and will be available on the school website for that week. Children should not use their fingers to complete these activities, the repetition and jingles should support their understanding. The sheet we have provided is double sided, this is to ensure that the work does not overwhelm the children. We suggest you complete one side on one day and the other the next. 

Spellings and Handwriting

Each day the children will learn a new common exception word of the day. At the end of the week the children will have learnt to read, spell and neatly write a total of five common exception words. For extra practice, we have provided a sheet to go home. We would really appreciate it if your child could complete these activities in pencil as this supports their fine-motor skills. Each letter has been given a red dot, this is to demonstrate where the child should start each letter and encourages good letter formation.  Don’t forget to leave a finger space between each word!

Read Write Inc. 

This week we have taken the time to recap the basic sounds and listen to your child read. On Monday, your child will be placed in their Read, Write Inc. group. Your child will come home with a book that is appropriate for their reading level. We encourage the children to read aloud and ensure these books are placed back in the book bag each day. For more information about Read, Write, Inc. click here.

Following government and East Riding guidelines, we will encourage children to wash their hands properly and more frequently throughout the day. Children will be taught to catch it, bin it and kill it. Catch it in a tissue, bin it in the pedal bin and kill it by washing their hands thoroughly with soap and water in the classroom. 

We have increased the number of tissues available in the classroom.

Children will still be able to go to the toilet and wash their hands in the bathrooms during the day, however, to ensure that children are washing and drying their hands more frequently we will be having handwashing times. At certain points in the day your child will go to their “special sink” to wash their hands, we have one sink in Owls, one in Moles, one in Woodlands and two in each of the toilets. Each “special sink” is supervised by an adult. This is to ensure that there is minimal disruption to the movement times and to allow each child to have their 20 seconds of handwashing time.

Children have been given their own pencil case to minimise the number of resources being shared.

Please speak to Dr Bartram for more information.

Practice your Set 2 and Set 3 Speed Sounds here!

Even though this teacher says "Year 1", it is still important to review, review, review. Please remember that all children learn at a different pace.

Rhymes to practice correct number formation: