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Welcome Robins!

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this. We want to welcome you and your child to Nursery (Robins Class) We want to explain who we are and how we think nursery will run in September. We are sorry we have not been able to meet you as we would usually hope to do before your child starts with us. Lockdown has prevented our usual visits to you and you to us. We hope that reading this will help, please share it with your child and do email us with any other queries or concerns you have.

When you join our school you will be in class Robins. We have our own entry and exit to the classroom around to the right of the school.

Mrs King is your class teacher, also supporting in the classroom will be Mrs Saltmer and Mrs Sloman.

A day in Robins class

When you arrive at the school, at 8:45am, you will be welcomed at the door by Mrs King and Mrs Saltmer. To keep everyone safe, grown-ups will not be able to come into the classroom with you. Don’t worry, we will take great care of you and help you settle in. We will show you were to hang up your coats and wash your hands, and where the toilets are.

When everyone has arrived, Mrs King will welcome you all onto the carpet, this will give us a chance to find out some more about our new friends. You will also find out how to use the resources that help you to learn. Sometimes you will learn through play, and sometimes the teacher will teach you new ideas. You will have lots of opportunities to play and learn outside too. Your day will be lots of fun!

Snack time

Please bring your own (named) water bottle to drink. You will have access to this at all times, as well as milk of you would like some. We have deliveries of lots of different fruit and vegetables, so you do not need to bring a snack. 


You will always have access to the outdoor area, whatever the weather so please make sure you bring a named waterproof coat and outdoor footwear.


At lunchtime you will have your lunch in the school hall. Your midday supervisory assistants are Mrs Sloman and Mrs Coulson.

Home time 11:45 or 3:15

At home time you will get your water bottle, any of your clothes you have used, and put on your coats. Then you will wash your hands ready to leave the building.

What do I wear?

You will wear a logoed school jumper or cardigan and t-shirt. Trousers and skirts that are easy for you to pull up and down independently at the toilet will make things easier too. Please make sure everything is NAMED. If you think you will need a change of clothes (in case of accidents) pleased put these in a named plastic bag that can be left on your peg. We do not have room for backpacks in our cloakroom. If you need nappies please bring us a pack which we can store at school as well as wipes. Bookbags are helpful to send home letters and any art work you may have done.

Wednesday 9th September- Phone calls home, this is a chance for us to find out a little more about you, confirm sessions days, ask who will usually be picking you up from school, confirm allergies and any other information you think we need to know so you can have the best experience.

Friday 11th September- Individual invitations to come and have a look in Robins classroom so you can see what we have to offer and how you are going to spend your day.

W/C Monday 14th September- You will start nursery this week.

If you have any questions about what you have read or need anymore information please ring the school office and ask for Mrs King or email amy.king@pocklington-infants.org.uk

We are really looking forward to the September term and meeting all of you new Robins and welcoming back our Robins that have already been apart of our ‘round’.


 Some of the activities the children got up to last year in Robins class. 



For guidance to your child's learning and development in the early years foundation stage please click the link below.