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At Pocklington Infants we want to inspire pupils with a love for learning.  We do this through our curriculum which is built around a love of books.  Each 1/2 term pupils are hooked into their learning through books written by our spotlight authors.  In 2020-21 our spotlight authors will include: Pat Hutchins, Jill Murphy, Mick Inkpen, Marcus Pfister, Julia Donaldson, Jane Hissey, Giles Andreae, Raymond Briggs, Simon James, Moira Butterfield, Rachel Bright, Hilary Robinson, Roald Dahl, Maria Hedderwick to name a few.

Books by these authors, plus appropriate non fiction and multimedia texts provide the focus through which we explore our curriculum topics.

Our Topics for 2020-21 are listed below

Autumn A Nursery Rhymes Myself Myself
Autumn B Celebrations

Alternative Tales

Our Community

Spring A

All About Me Toys London
Spring B

Traditional Tales

Animals The Great Fire of London
Summer A Growing Plants Australia
Summer B The Seaside Conservation The Seaside

Subject Pages

Information on the individual subjects can be found here, including subject knowledge organisers.

Assessment Results

Our annual report of school results can be found here.

 Class / Year group pages

Information specific to each class or year group can be found by clicking these links.

Year 2 (Moles and Owls)

Year 1 (Foxes and Hedgehogs)

EYFS (Reception and Nursery) 

Our Staff and Governors Love Books Too!

Our staff have written book reviews of their favourite childrens books.