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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development

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Pupil Voice


Do you know anyone in school who is different from you?

My friend is in a different class.

My friend has shorter hair than me.

My friend is taller than me.

My friend is allergic to milk.

How do you treat children who are different from you?

How you want to be treated.

Sit on the carpet with them.

They want to be treated the same.

Do you think there are lonely people in your school? Why? If people are lonely, what help is there for them?

If someone doesn’t have a friend you can play with them.

There is a Friendship Bench/Stop.

You can play by yourself.

Helping others.... 

In summer of 2019 a governor asked pupils about their views on our charity work.  This is the feedback we got from some year 1 and 2 children.

How do you decide in school which charities you are going to raise money for?

We have to bring money.

We get told which ones.

Why is this important to you and your school?

We get to help people who don’t have money and live happily.

On Red Nose Day we get money to help people who are sick to get better.

It is respectful.

How does this link to your school vision and values?

Compassion and truth.

Respectful because the other people need money and not us. Some people are greedy and keep their money.

What do you do in this school to help others who are not as well of as you are? What do you do in the community and the wider world?

Raise money.

Be respectful and kind.

It’s nice to give away money.

My mum and dad build houses.

My mum helps people so that they’re ok.