Cook’s Choice Day

Thursday 5th October

Instead of set menu, Mrs Cornell is preparing a special dinner for the whole school and we are hoping

that as many children as possible can join in even if they would normally have a packed lunch on a



Sausage or Veggie Sausage

Chunky Chips

Garden Peas and/ or  Baked Beans


Iced Doughnut


Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt

The reason for the special dinner is that the Universal Infant Free School Meal funding for the whole year is based on the number of school meals taken on this and one other date in the school year, so if the take up is lower than average the school budget has to fund the difference.  This would mean less money available to fund classroom resources.

Please encourage your child to have a school dinner. Thank you

Yours sincerely

Lynn Bartram,  Headteacher