Thursday 14th Sept 2.30pm           Phonics Workshop for new Foundation Stage parents

Friday 15th Sept 2.45pm                  Year 2 parents Meet and Greet

Friday 22nd Sept                                 Jeans for Genes Day

Wednesday 27th Sept                        Individual Photos

Friday 29th Sept 9.10am                  Birthday and Good Work Assembly



Thursday 5th Oct 2.15pm                 Harvest Festival

Thursday 12th Oct in school           Sleeping Beauty

Tuesday 24th Oct                                Flu Vaccinations

Wednesday 25th Oct   3.30pm – 7.00pm         Parent Evening 1

Thursday 26th Oct       3.30pm – 5.00pm         Parent Evening 2

Friday 27th Oct  2.30pm                 Birthday and Good work


Friday 17th Nov                                  Children in Need 

Thursday 30th Nov  9.10am           Birthday and Good Work Assembly



Friday 1st Dec                                     RE Day

Nativity Plays

11th December 2pm            Foundation Stage Grandparents

13th December 2pm            Foundation Stage  parents

13th December  5.30pm     Foundation Stage Parents

12th December 2pm            Year One Grandparents

14th December 2pm            Year One parents

14th December 5.30pm       Year One parents 

Afternoon of 19th Dec         Christmas Parties

Wednesday 20th  9.10 am          Birthday and Good Work Assembly

Wednesday 20th Dec            Christmas Dinner

Thursday 21st December 2.15pm      End of  Term Church Service