Our Vision

Happy children loving learning

Our Mission

To provide quality fun-filled learning experiences that enable everyone to reach their potential within a stimulating, safe Christian ethos and environment

Our Values






High self esteem




Happiness through valuing self and others


 Our Aims

To maintain a Christian ethos that values and accepts cultural diversity

To inspire a love of teaching and learning

To celebrate the achievements and talents of all

To encourage personal self esteem and respect for others

To provide a safe environment which is caring, stimulating and challenging and nurtures high expectation in work and behaviour

To provide opportunities for children to make a positive contribution to their school and wider community

To establish a friendly, professional relationship between home and school

To work as a team, sharing and supporting one another

The skills and attitudes we wish our children to develop are:

To be confident in basic Literacy and Maths skills

To have good communication skills

To be able to speak clearly and confidently

To be able to listen and respond appropriately

To be inquisitive and questioning

To be self motivated and happy to take on new challenges

To have self respect, a belief in their own abilities and not be afraid of making mistakes

To have the ability to concentrate, persevere and become more independent

To be happy and have high self esteem

To have self discipline and an understanding of right and wrong

To have respect for the needs and rights of others and the environment

To be confident with adults and children

To be able to keep themselves safe and know where to go to ask for help