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Pocklington C.E. (VC) Infant School

School Results

Key stage 1

This information allows you to compare your child’s performance at the end of key stage 1 with the attainment of other year 2 pupils in our school this year, and across England in 2017.


Percentage of pupils achieving the expected standard+: school (2018)

Percentage of pupils achieving the expected standard: nationally (2017)[1]

English reading



English writing









Phonics results

Year 1  64.8%

Year 2  92.5%


National Year 1 pass rate 81%


As a school our aim is to provide quality learning experiences that enable everyone to reach their potential.  We recognise that our 2017-18 results indicate that some of our pupils did not meet age related expectations in reading, writing and maths.  


So how are we changing our teaching to enable your children to reach these expectations?


Evidence-based teaching of reading/phonics

We undertook an internal audit of our teaching of reading/phonics and then reviewed research based phonics and reading curriculum. As a result of this,  in September 2018, we introduced read write inc phonics. All staff are trained in the approach, and we are working with a RWInc consultant to provide ongoing staff training, and support.  Our Assistant Headteacher, Mrs Snowball, has also taken additional training as our RWInc leader. We have invested heavily in RWInc (both financially and with lesson time) and are really pleased with the progress pupils are making with their reading and phonics, and with the positive feedback from parents. We are also trialling the RWInc writing, spelling and comprehension curricular.  For more information on RWInc please see http://www.pocklington-infants.org.uk/classes/read-write-inc

"We are very impressed with the implementation of RWinc within the school, the transition has been smooth and the children unaffected and my daughters reading and writing has come on leaps and bounds. Having a unified approach within school will no doubt aid the progress that my daughter makes."  Year 1 parent


Observation and learning

We have visited other schools to see best practice in reading and phonics instruction, carried out lesson observations, and strengthened our delivery of the Big Maths curriculum through refreshed staff training.  Several staff have also been to visit a Big Maths model school to allow us to learn first-hand from their best practice.

Regular assessment of pupil progress is enabling us to spot pupils who are struggling and put into place interventions to ‘plug’ any holes in their knowledge.

The governors, senior leadership and subject leaders regularly analyse assessment data and we have actively sought support from ERYC school improvement service.