List of Governors’ Roles and Responsibilities

Chair                          Les Slow                     

Vice Chair                Sharon Eastwood




TAG Governors – All to ask about Rising Stars (Gifted & Talented)

Art + D &T                                       

Computing                                       Les Slow

English & Geography                    Charlotte Underwood

History                                              Kirsty Brooks

Maths                                                Sharon Eastwood

Music                                                Sharon Eastwood

PE                                                       Andy Castle


RE/Collective Worship                  Neville Simpson

Science                                              Les Slow



Specific Responsibilities

Church Links                                      Kirsty Brooks

Training Link                                    Les Slow

Health & Safety                              Andy Castle & Tina Mouland

Pupil Premium Champion            Andy Castle

Safeguarding                                   Alex Quigley

SEND                                                  Sharon Eastwood



Curriculum, Monitoring & Standards

Sharon Eastwood

Tina Mouland

Alex Quigley

Jan Snowball

Charlotte Underwood


Finance                                                                                             General Purposes            

Kirsty Brooks                                                                                   Andy Castle

Andy Castle                                                                                      Tina Mouland

 Les Slow                                                                                         



Personnel                                                                            Headteacher’s Performance Review

                                                                                                         Sharon Eastwood

Sharon Eastwood                                                                           Alex Quigley

Alex Quigley                                                                                    Les Slow

Neville Simpson