Dear Parents/Carers

‘We are learning’… sheets will be sent home on a regular basis in your child’s book bag. Feedback from last years parents indicated that this was extremely useful as it could be used

as a starting point for discussion when your child answers the question of ‘What have you done today’ with ‘Nothing, I’ve just played.’

The aim of these brief information sheets is to help keep you informed of what  your child is learning and the types of activities that they are experiencing in school.

If you notice your child using any of these skills independently at home please jot a brief note on a small piece of paper, date and initial it and it to your child’s class teacher.

These notes from home are really useful to us and will form part of your child’s learning journal.

Many thanks for your support

The Foundation Team


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2017/ 2018

We are learning Spring 2018

We are Learning January 2018

We are Learning November 2017




2016 / 2017 

We are learning April 2017 

We are Learning March 2017 

We are learning January 2017

We are learning November 2016

We are learning October 2016




2015 / 2016

We are learning May 2016

 We are learning January B 2016

 We are learning January A 2016

We are learning December 2015

We are learning  October 2015