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Welcome to our Owls and Squirrels Foundation Stage 2 page.

  We are busy learning about cold places and winter. We are using information books, and  computers to find out about different places and animals that live in cold places. We have been  painting using cold colours and using different sized shapes to make collage snowmen.  We are  using our phonics to label cold weather clothes and we will be writing sentences about  snowy stories.   We are continuing to  say and write letters and sounds in our daily Read Write Inc sessions and  to blend 3 or 4 sounds together to make words  e.g. mat tin top, frog, crab. We are also writing  3  or 4 sounds in the correct order to make words.   Fred is our Read Write Inc frog who only talks in sounds. Please support your child by  continuing to play Fred Talk Games with him or her. We are continuing to  practice our  handwriting, so  please  continue to encourage your child  to form the letter correctly by using  the action on the handwriting sheet. They can use different colours to make it fun. We will  collect completed handwriting sheets in on a ​Wednesday. In Maths we are counting  objects carefully and  matching the  correct number  to find ‘1 more’ and 1 less using objects and then finding the numeral. We are to adding two groups of objects together by ‘counting all’ to find a total. We are subtracting using objects and finding out how many are left. We are recognising  ordering and writing numbers correctly from 0 to 20    We are continuing to practice our  Learn it doubles: 1+1=2 2+2=4 3+3=6 4+4=8 5+5=10   and our Learn it Halves  using our rhyme ;  Half of 10 is 5 do the finger jive  Half of 8 is 4 make them dance some more  Half of 6 is 3 dance them on your knee  Half of 4 is 2 not much left to do  Half of 2 is 1 now the dancing is done. In PE we are developing our ball skills  in games and using mats and benches in gymnastics to  travel in different ways.  We are looking forward to celebrating the Chinese New Year when we will be tasting Chinese food, using ribbons to dance, making lanterns and learning Chinese songs.      

Thank you for your continued support     

   From the Foundation Stage Team.