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Dear Parent/Carer

Our school has signed up to a scheme called ‘Your School Lottery’. You may remember a leaflet that was sent home giving you the opportunity to join the scheme.

Here are just some of several good reasons:

  • In contrast to the National lottery, who only pass on 28p in every pound, and the Health Lottery who pass on a miserly 20.2p to good causes, we at your school lottery are extremely proud to say we put both of them to shame by promising a minimum PTA contribution of 40%. That’s almost DOUBLE the Health Lottery and over 42% more pence in the pound than the National Lottery do.
  • You know (and you can see) that your money is going back into your community and your school will benefit from your contribution.
  • You have a much better chance of winning than other lotteries. Unlike most other lotteries, this number will be unique to you and will be yours for as long as you participate. You can purchase more than one number if you wish.

The more people that join, the bigger the prizes and the better off your school will be.

1 line per week costs only £4.34 per month. The weekly school draw depends on how many people buy into it as to how big the prize money will be.

As a supporter, you can join for as little as £1 per week and for this, you will have the chance of winning a guaranteed weekly prize for someone within your school community. The more people that participate, the bigger this guaranteed prize becomes and the more money raised for your school. On top of this, you will also be entered into a separate draw with a chance to win an amazing £25,000 EVERY WEEK! We are the first lottery organisation that provides both a guaranteed weekly prize AND a potentially life changing win.

Every Saturday, both of these draws will take place with results posted on our website. Winners for both draws will be advised directly and will be paid automatically, so if you don’t have the time to check who’s won, we’ll let you know!

Our first draw is on 31st January 2015 so hurry, to be in with a chance of winning and raising money for your children at our school we need you to sign up!! All money raised goes back into school towards providing coaches for school trips, IT equipment, new playground equipment like the train and boat and lots of other fun stuff.

Click on the link to find out more

Many thanks

Mrs Campbell


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