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Pocklington C.E. (VC) Infant School


  Friends Committee Annual General Meeting.  

                                                   October 10th, 2017
Doctor Bartram, Becki Keeble, Danielle Conyers, Becki Castle, Claire Lane, Alicia Gibson, Fionn Simpson, Claire Swales,
Laura Martin, Jodie Sutton.
Jennie Ironmonger, Beverley Pullen, Maria Augusta Celi Santana.
  2016 AGM Minutes
All items covered.
  Chair Report
  Treasurer Report
  Election of Committee Members
 Title.                            Name.                         Proposer.                                Seconded.
 Chair                          Becki Keeble             Danielle Conyers                  Claire Lane
 Vice chair                 Danielle Conyers      Beckie Castle                         Fionn Simpson
 Treasurer                 Alicia Gibson             Claire Swales                         Becki Keeble
 Secretary                 Jodie Sutton              Alicia Gibson                          Danielle Conyers   
  Trustees for Charity Commission
Fionn Simpson
Beckie Castle
Claire Lane
Danielle Conyers
Mrs White? ( if she agrees )
* Contact information to be updated.
* Inform charity commission of trustee changes.
* Annual charity commission return to be completed online.
* Trustee form to be sent to PTA UK.
Requests for Funding
Discussed what last year funding was spent on.
Dr Bartram informed the committee that the teachers are currently in discussion about the best way to go forward in requests for funding. She also stated that using some funds for school coaches was very helpful.
* It was decided that we will explain to parents how funds will be spent on all correspondents.
Event Dates/ Ideas
*Glow party – 17th October – Toddler Sense, Hot dogs.
*2nd hand uniform sales- once a term- let parents know they can drop unwanted uniform at the office at any time.
*xmas fair – Tuesday 5th December 4.30pm – 6.30pm – letter to go out asap to local businesses.
* FS disco – Tuesday 6th February – magician?
* Easter egg competition for children and adults.
* summer fair – 6th July – to organise- food, entertainment. (Permission for use of field)
Any other business
* friends email to be updated.
* Continue to advertise meetings to new members, ensuring it states children are welcome.
* Beckie Castle looking at the film licence.
Next Meeting 
To be confirmed. After glow party, before xmas fair.
 Members who have left - Amanda Coulthard, Carrie Raybould, Ann O’Rourke, Sally Lund.
 Members who have stepped down - Jennie Ironmonger (chair) Beckie Castle (treasurer) Alicia Gibson (secretary).