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Pocklington C.E. (VC) Infant School

Chair Report


Chair Report
Amanda Coulthard (co-chair), Jennie ironmonger(co-chair), Rebecca Castle (treasurer), Alicia Gibson (secretary), Claire Lane, Becki Keeble, Claire Swales, Caroline Hewitt, Danielle Conyers, Sally Lund, Fionn Simpson.
The PTA – known as the Friends Of Pocklington Infants School –  exists to help support the school that our children attend. The 2016/17 school year was a triumph, with more than £5000 raised.
I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thanks and congratulations for such a good team effort. This really made the difference to the quality of events that were held and the overall total in funds that was raised.
As a team we were able to successfully organise and implement the Frozen Party, Christmas Fayre, Decorate an Egg competition, second hand sales, a retirement gift fund for Mrs Campbell and the Summer Festival. Many more ideas have been suggested by members and will hopefully be utilised in this year’s schedule.
The funds raised have been used to pay for the renovation work on the raised decked area, coaches for school trips, among other things.
This year, with the arrival of a new Headteacher, the PTA hopes to work closely with staff to create a more cohesive overview of how they would like any funds that are raised to be used.
We have seen a significant rise in the amount of local businesses that are willing to help providing raffle prizes. In turn, we promoted these businesses using social media. This definitely made the difference with sales of tickets, as well as generating community spirit.
Social media will continue to play a key part in advertising and raising awareness of the PTA’s cause.
We have already gained some new volunteers and hope to gain more as the year goes on, through word of mouth, social media and informal meets. There will be some changes in roles this year but hope that this brings even more success than the previous academic year.
Written by Jennie Ironmonger